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“Thankful to have what we have”

Meet the Torres Family

O’Hara Township, Pa

“Maya is 11 years old,” Abby Torres says with a smile, “big sister to Landon and Carson. They all go to school right here, at O’Hara Elementary School, so they can keep an eye on each other.”

The Torres family relies heavily on Maya’s supports coordinator, who connects them with information, resources and programs, including a grant that recently helped make their home more accessible for their growing daughter with Cerebral Palsy.

“It really takes a village,” Abby adds. “Maya requires a lot of therapy, equipment and medication, so medical assistance is really important.”

Husband Peter works full time and though the family could use additional income, Abby hasn’t figured out a way to meet the schedule demands of her family, significant medical care and employment.

“What worries us most is the uncertainty,” Peter Torres says. “Budgets get cut and that can have a huge impact on families who depend on it to help with a child or family member.”

“We hope that Maya can continue to get the services she needs to make her life as productive as possible. We hope that new advancements and technology will be made and that she’ll have access to them,” he continues.

Abby chimes in, “I also hope our family can enjoy what life has to offer. These three kids have such a special bond. We’re lucky, blessed really.”

“That’s right,” Peter adds, “I’m thankful we have what we have. And if it means you have to work a little bit or a lot harder, that’s okay. I am thankful for the services that have been available for us to use. It has helped Maya’s health and quality of life and I know it has done the same for families like ours all over Pennsylvania.”

Thank your legislators for making Human Services funding a priority in the 2017-18 Pennsylvania budget.

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